The SunCatcher is designed to be very warm in the winter. If needed, it can also be cooled in three ways:

  1. Venting through the use of natural convection with warm air rising and flowing out the upper vents while cooler air flows in through lower vents.  All vents can generally be left open when night time temperatures are above the mid-40s and when it is warmer outside than it is inside.  The ceiling fans can also be used to assist by pulling air up and out the upper vents as needed. Read more about how ventilation works in a SunCatcher.
  2. Light colored reflective shade cloths can reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering the SunCatcher especially in the early fall and late spring.
  3. The angle of the glazing itself reflects much of the summer’s midday sun thus reducing the temperature inside the SunCatcher.

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