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Our goal is to bring you the best self-contained, off-the-grid passive solar greenhouse that would only require seeds, soil, sun and water to grow a wide variety of plants. We built our first SunCatcher greenhouse in 2001, and over the past fifteen years we have continued to iterate and improve our design so that customers like you can grow plants the way they want, in whatever climate they want. We do this by ignoring conventional (wrong) greenhouse wisdom, and focusing on the basic needs of plants: heat, sunlight, humidity, CO2 and protection from extreme weather.

A conventional greenhouse will be producing more headaches than food after 10, 15 or 20 years. Your SunCatcher will be growing the same beautiful vegetables in 40, 50, 60 years, no grid power or fossil fuels required.

  • Year-round growing season, even in cold climates, high winds and snow
  • No expensive, un-green heaters, fans or fuel
  • Permanent structure is an investment that lasts for generations
  • Less regular management than conventional greenhouse, especially with (optional) full automation
  • Remote web monitoring and temperature control

Purchase Options

Eco-Panels Kit

We encourage potential buyers to consider a SunCatcher and Eco Panels “Kit” option. We deliver cutting-edge shell building materials direct to your door, and can work with a local contractor on construction and detailing. Eco Panels are at the cutting edge of building materials manufacturing and far exceed the properties of a typical building – we love this partnership and think you will too!

Our “Kit” design removes much of the guesswork and back and forth with a contractor, guaranteeing a high quality product in shorter time and lower cost. Learn more with our brochure and case study, and reach out for a quote.


We also sell blueprints directly for a “stick-built” 12×24 and 16×32 design. This could work better for a DIY builder committed to the project, or someone who shipping and assembling Eco Panels from Western North Carolina does not make sense geographically. Note the design is provided “as is”; you will need to find your own architect for any modifications and our capacity for pro bono support in making changes is very limited.

Custom Design

We are open to discuss custom projects for commercial clients. We have found that it is rarely financially feasible for us to collaborate closely with individuals on custom projects with us and that our design principles do not scale well beyond a certain square footage in a single building. If you think it’s worth discussing, please contact us.

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