SunCatcher's patented design

is a compact, common sense greenhouse you will love.

Features – We design all our SunCatchers to:

  • Help you grow all year long in a wide variety of climates,
  • Save you money on active heating and repair/replacement costs,
  • Be safe for your family – no greenhouse gas emissions or food security risk from fossil fuels.

Our patented design radically improves on all aspects of the conventional greenhouse approach. Rather than rely on cheap materials and cheap energy to prop up poor design, our products are engineered to harmonize with the sun and surrounding environment, and built to last for decades. The same principles and engineering advances work together in our porch size SunCatcher all the way up to our commercial scale designs.

  • Our patented design, developed and tested over four decades for optimal growing with only the sun and surrounding environment
  • First ever portable size (3.75 x 3.75 x 5.5 ft), shipped compact and easy to assemble anywhere with good sunlight – your porch, backyard, apartment roof, school or community space
  • Actually works all winter, even in snow, without a secondary heat source. Other similar products are 3-season at best. And the sides can come off in summer for a raised bed!
  • Ready to decorate and personalize your beautiful growing space for vegetables, herbs, produce, flowers; your kids and neighbors will love it!
  • Durable stainless steel exterior will hold up for many years with minimal maintenance; replacement parts and servicing are available too and easy to swap
We’ve also invested in the small touches that make your SunCatcher a joy to use – things like water drainage, locking sides, temperature-sensitive vents, and detailed, straightforward assembly instructions. We’re constantly iterating on our design and would love to hear your feedback on what is working and what isn’t!
  • DETAILED LAYOUT PLANS to best utilize your space and combine plants that work well together
  • HEAVY COVER BLANKET for extra protection on those cold, clear winter nights
  • CUSTOM GROW LIGHTS for growers who want plants to grow even faster or need a little more oomph

The Science

How passive solar engineering actually works and why it’s so effectively harnessed in the SunCatcher


How it’s Made

Your SunCatcher will be manufactured with love at family-owned Bowen Machine Company


Who we are

SunCatcher is dedicated to improving global food security through self-sufficiency at the family and community levels


We love having our SunCatcher on our deck. It is inspiring to look out and see green growing plants in the middle of winter. The warmth of this small passive solar greenhouse inspires our hopes for spring and motivates our desire to plant in our garden.

Shelton, SunCatcher owner in Deep Gap, NC

I really enjoy being able to harvest and enjoy fresh lettuce, kale, carrots, broccoli and more from my SunCatcher during the winter months.

Shannon, SunCatcher owner in Boone, NC

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