Your SunCatcher ceiling fans serve two important functions:
1. Move warm air high in the SunCatcher down onto the plants on cold nights and overcast days
2. Move air up through the SunCatcher and out the top vents on sunny days if needed

To best accomplish both of these functions ceiling fan placement is very important.

fan placement east west copy

East and West Fans


The two side fans should be mounted on the rafters such that the level of the horizontal fan blade is roughly half way between the top of the door openings and the bottom edges of the upper exhaust vents.




fan placement center 1

Center Fan – Option 1

The center fan can be mounted on the center rafter with the bottom of the fan/light about a foot above the top of the crosstie or on the center cross tie (check the distance from the floor to the bottom of the fan/light).


For best results fans should be controlled separately with variable speed three-way switches (up-down-off). It’s generally good to be able to control all the inside and outside lights separately as well.

fan placement center 2

Center Fan – Option 2


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