The Carolina Mountain


Carolina Mountain SunCatcher - 16' x 32'

The Carolina Mountain is a 16′ x 32′ SunCatcher constructed on site using structural insulating panels (SIPs). It combines science, research, knowledge, and technology data gathered from our previous models and incorporates it into a passive solar greenhouse that outlasts and outperforms all other greenhouses.

This passive solar design eliminates other fuel requirements and enhances winter sunlight in growing areas (no phototropism).

Passive ventilation allows fresh CO2 rich air exchanges during cold, sunny days.

Optional: a fully automated system that can be controlled by PC tablet or mobile device from anywhere to monitor temperatures and make instantaneous adjustments.

Special and unique features of the Carolina Mountain Model

  • Most advanced SunCatcher model
  • New proof of concept
  • Provides a performance baseline and standard
  • Will be used for on-going research
  • Excellent option for rooftop construction
  • Glazing and roof angles reflect light down on plants from all directions in winter
  • First model to use Phase Change Material for thermal mass
  • First model to incorporate remotely controlled automation of vents and fans to increase overall performance
  • Provides CO2 levels that are higher than ambient CO2 levels for increased plant growth
  • Additional options
    • Night time insulating curtain
    • LED grow lights for overcast winter days
    • South knee wall passive solar heater/vent inserts to preheat air entering SunCatcher



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