The Laurel Ridge

Located at the SunCatcher educational facility at Laurel Ridge Camp and Conference Center, Ashe County, NC, this SunCatcher was our 3rd generation greenhouse. This unit measures 12′ x 24′.


The Laurel Ridge SunCatcher model was designed to grow plants in cold weather and last for generations without the dependence on fuel, electricity, and heaters that increase the annual operational budget.

  • 12’ x 24’ project using structural insulated panel construction (SIPS)
  • Passive solar design eliminates standard greenhouse heaters, fuel tanks, and fuel requirements
  • Passive ventilation allows fresh air exchanges during day
  • Design enhances winter sunlight in the growing area

See performance data from the Laurel Ridge and Parkway SunCatchers…

Special and unique features of the Laurel Ridge Model

  • Research and demonstration model at a camp and conference center
  • Part of an integrated year round food production system for camp and conference center
  • A potential research and educational center
  • Constructed by volunteers
  • Red and blue thermal mass to better reflect photosynthetic light from back of structure
  • Oriented 15° east of south to begin heating one hour earlier on cold winter mornings
  • Large north wall vents provide cooling in late spring through early fall


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