The Parkway

The “Parkway” was our initial research facility; a 12′ x 24′ SunCatcher located in Boone, NC (ski country – cold!). It became the basic design for 100% solar heating.


It was built about 2000 and is currently being used as a part of the Lettuce Learn Parkway School garden program. Tomatoes have been grown in it throughout the winter with ZERO input of supplemental heating.

This level of thermal performance remains our goal and focus for all of our SunCatcher designs. This unit was the prototype for our Classic SunCatchers.

See performance data from the Laurel Ridge and Parkway SunCatchers…

Special and unique features of the Parkway Model

  • Proof of concept model
  • “Stick built” structure
  • Replicated a “classic” 1970’s passive solar greenhouse
  • South facing angled glazing to maximize available winter sun
  • Thermal storage with 55 gallon, flat black, metal barrels
  • Insulated roof and north, east, and west walls
  • Served as a research SunCatcher to provide baseline performance data

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