Full Size Blueprints (12’x24′)


Full, detailed construction plans and instructions to build your own 12′ x 24′ SunCatcher Classic using our proven, patented design.

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Full, detailed construction plans and instructions to build your own SunCatcher Classic with 12 ft by 24 ft footprint. These blueprints follow our proven, patented design.

In addition to code ready structural drawings for all sections, we include:

  • Sample Materials list
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Unusual rafter cut patterns

Drawings are included for foundation, framing, floor and roof plans, elevations, section details, and utilities. These plans have been developed to exceed most building codes and should require very little if any changes to meet your local building codes. Customers should purchase one set of plans for each SunCatcher they wish to construct, as described in the attached contract and legal disclaimer.

Three 18″ x 24″ copies of your plans will be printed and mailed to you.  Customers purchasing plans will receive a year of follow-up SunCatcher consulting over email free of charge. Consulting can be on any questions you may have about the design, orientation and operation of your SunCatcher, or related topics. Additional voice/video consulting is also available for blueprints customers at 25% off the regular hourly rate for additional questions, design modifications, etc.

In addition, SunCatcher owners have the option to be added to our email group to receive updates and suggestions for operating and growing in their SunCatcher.

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