WAIT LIST – SunCatcher Jr Deposit


Due to supply chain issues and inflation, we have temporarily halted one-off sales of the SunCatcher Jr until we can guarantee a high level of quality for our customers and a sustainable business environment for SunCatcher. Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing a SunCatcher Jr by completing our contact form and we’ll let you know as soon as sales are open again. You may also submit a $49.95 deposit to be added to our WAIT LIST to ensure you’ll be in line for one of the first SunCatcher Jrs available once production begins again.

Estimated delivery: November 2022 – January 2023 for WAIT List deposit (depending on number of orders received, cost of materials, and production schedule) – your deposit will be refunded if we are unable to deliver the product or if you decide the available product doesn’t meet your needs at the price we’ll provide when the SunCatcher Jr is available for shipment again.

With SunCatcher, a few square feet of south-facing space is all you need to grow your own food year round!

Our patented design distills forty years of passive solar engineering and science into a compact, common sense, superior greenhouse. Your SunCatcher Jr is made to suit smaller spaces and last for decades!

Assembly Required. Detailed assembly instructions and operator’s manual provided.



  • Grow year round with only the sun, no other heating source required
  • Portable size (4 x 4 x 5.5 ft) ships compact and easy to assemble in tight quarters: your porch, backyard, apartment roof, school or community space
  • Works great in summer too and helps keep weeds and bugs out
  • Invest in a durable design that will continue providing food for many years to come, with service and replacement parts available (unlike other similar products on the market)
  • Decorate and personalize your beautiful growing space for vegetables, herbs, produce, or flowers; your kids and neighbors will love it!

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