Grow your own food all year round in smaller spaces and colder climates.

SunCatcher mini greenhouse

Helping you harness the sun to grow all year long

With SunCatcher, a few square feet of south-facing space is all you need to sustainably grow your own food year round for the next two decades. Our patented design distills over forty years of high-end passive solar engineering and science into a compact, common sense, superior greenhouse tailored to suit smaller spaces.

Key Features

  • Grow year round with only the sun, no other heating source required
  • Portable size (4 x 4 x 5.5 ft) ships compact and easy to assemble in tight quarters: your porch, backyard, apartment roof, school or community space
  • Works great in summer too and helps keep weeds and bugs out
  • Invest in a durable design that will continue providing food for many years to come, with service and replacement parts available (unlike other similar products on the market)
  • Decorate and personalize your beautiful growing space for vegetables, herbs, produce, or flowers; your kids and neighbors will love it!

You want to grow your own food, but you don’t have room for a garden, community spaces are inconvenient, and your porch is too cold in the winter. For the first time, we have utilized decades of farm-scale, patented passive solar greenhouse science and engineering into a portable, energy efficient solution that is perfect for you: SunCatcher. Shipped to your home and easily assembled on your porch or other small outdoor space, your SunCatcher provides a personalized, beautiful, year round space for growing. Skip the hassles and heating needs of lesser products and invest in a grow space that will save money and produce for years to come.

Our family owned, western North Carolina greenhouse business has been helping local growers and communities grow all year round with our passive solar powered greenhouse designs. Time and again, we have had local folks ask for a smaller model that better fits into a more urban lifestyle, with a better price point. Partnering with Bowen, another family owned WNC manufacturer, we have finally made just the thing: the SunCatcher.

The Science

How passive solar engineering actually works and why it’s so effectively harnessed in the SunCatcher


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How it’s Made

Your SunCatcher will be manufactured with love at family-owned Bowen Machine Company


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Who we are

SunCatcher is dedicated to improving global food security through self-sufficiency at the family and community levels


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We love having our SunCatcher on our deck. It is inspiring to look out and see green growing plants in the middle of winter. The warmth of this small passive solar greenhouse inspires our hopes for spring and motivates our desire to plant in our garden.

Shelton, SunCatcher owner in Deep Gap, NC

I really enjoy being able to harvest and enjoy fresh lettuce, kale, carrots, broccoli and more from my SunCatcher during the winter months.

Shannon, SunCatcher owner in Boone, NC

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