How do the ceiling fans help?

The SunCatcher is designed to vent using natural convection.  The ceiling fans can be used to assist by pulling air up and out the upper vents if needed to help cool the SunCatcher. The ceiling fans can also be used on cold nights to push warm air down on...

What other automation options do I have?

SunCatcher understands that not all folks can dedicate the time needed to manually operate their greenhouse. That is why SunCatcher has worked with GrowerNode™ Greenhouse Automation of British Columbia, Canada, to develop a complete automation system so a SunCatcher...

How do the vent openers work?

The vent opener is a mechanism attached to the vent which uses a spring loaded metal cylinder that expands to open the vent when heated. The spring closes the vent when the cylinder cools.

How can I cool the SunCatcher spring through fall?

The SunCatcher is designed to be very warm in the winter. If needed, it can also be cooled in three ways: Venting through the use of natural convection with warm air rising and flowing out the upper vents while cooler air flows in through lower vents.  All vents can...

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